eShark MOUSE PAD 45x40x0,2cm ESL-MP3 KABUTO L

Even smoother surface than Karuta

Micro-wover surface will give you smoother feel than before. In combination with non-slip rubber base and stitched edged that should be more than enough even for the most demanding players.

BUY NOWSpecifications

Micro-wooven surface

Extra smooth

Preofessional speed gaming mouse pad with ultra-soft surface will make you feel that your mouse is gliding on it.

Stitched edges

Prece seams - black colore

Kabuto's stitched edges prevent the surface finish from ever peeling off.

Superior stability

Grip on most sufraces

The cellular rubber base makes sure your mouse is the only thing that moves on your table. The thickness of 2mm throughout the whole mousepad's area creates solid stability for quick movements.


Thickness: 2mm
Product type: Professional speed gaming mouse pad
Anti-slip surface:
Dimensions (mm): 450mm x 400mm
Material: Slick textile
Color: Black

Logistics data

Mass: 0.32 / 0.30 kg
Dimensions of the transport package: 46.00 x 43.00 x 43.50 cm
Number of pieces in the transport package: 25 kom
Barcode: 0616320539337



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