Backpack ready

The 80% mechanical keyboard is perfect for your backpack, whether you are going on a trip or to a pro gaming tournament.

Red mechanical switches

Silent gaming

To ensure smooth performance, Kodachi comes with removable  Outemu Red Linear Switches which are easy to change with special tool provided in package. The red switches have an actuation force of 70g.

Per-key RGB

Choose your color

Each key can be set to any of the 16.8 million colors from the RGB spectrum. The customization can be made in the Kodachi software.

Additional interchangeable switches

Make it louder

You still want that 'click' on some of your keys? 4 additional blue switches are waiting for you in the box. Switch removal tool is included as well.

Additional keycaps

Personalize it

We all know which keys are the most important; that's why you should be able to showcase how special they are. You can change your WASD to either green or red color.

Set it up


By Kodachi software you can select one of preloaded light effects or set your favorite color from RGB spectrum. Per-Key RGB also available.


Lifespan: 50 million times
Dimensions (mm): 358x152x35
Color: Black
Number of keys: 87
Material: PU
Anti-Ghosting: 87 buttons
Backlight: RGB with 16.8 million customizable colors
Switch: OUTEMU mechanical - red (with 4 additional blue)
Key weight: 70g
Layout: US
Weight: 1015 g
Braided cable
Cable length: 2m - Detachable
Interface: USB 2.0

Logistics data

Mass: 1.35 / 1.30 kg
Dimensions of the transport package: 46.00 x 23.50 x 37.50 cm
Dimensions of the commercial packaging: 43.50 x 17.50 x 4.00 cm
Number of pieces in the transport package: 10 kom
Barcode: 0616320538873



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